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Believe it or not, dandelions are not weeds but rather flowers that date back to ancient Asia where they were used as both food and medicine.   The word "dandeloin" comes from the French name for the plant "dents de lion" OR "teeth of the lion"  in reference to the jagged leaves of the plant.   All parts of the flower are edible ... the root can be brewed as coffee while those jagged leaves are delicious in salads.    

The bitter milky juice in the dandelion root is considered to be a natural energizer and can also be used to detoxify the body and purify the blood.  The dandelion root is also used as a diurectic. The root contains high amounts of sodium helping to balance electrolytes in the blood.   In fact, dandelions are grown as crop in Belgium.   The versatile dandelion is also an ingredient in root beer.. yummm.    So while some let dandelions brighten a meadow and others struggle to eradicate you have to admire their versatility and tenacity.


For over 30 plus years we have focused on video post production including graphics and post audio but

now we do so much more offering the same attention to detail and professional expertise.

We are a video production company with a passion to create the highest quality content for broadcast, web and corporate clients










The message is paramount


The story has to flow


There has got to be energy and passion


Striving for clear visual impact

Not just button pushing


Offering creative input


Striving for the best quality and price


Cost effective solutions

Creating a brand from scratch


Moving print brand into video


Keeping the synergy


Modeling the brand

Communication with clients


Creative suggestions


No stone unturned


Attention to detail and budget

Efficient use of locations


Budget positive scouting


Finding the right look for the client


Going above and beyond

Two suites


4K and HD


File based or tape sourcing


End to end service

We've done alot of stuff over the past 30  years and here a few recent projects.  Last year we launched DANDELIONTV on YouTube.

GREAT NEW PROJECTS INCLUDE our ongoing Canadian Artist Series in 2019 with 2 new fabulous artists.  

PLUS visit our VIMEO SHOWCASE for tons of more samples  


Please viist our Video page where we've tried to assemble some reels that are representative of the wide range of work that has been done.  From Long Format to promos/commercials to corporate communications.  Our reels are always changing so have a look and tell us what you think.

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